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Finding CRAN packages right from the R console (new packagefinder version)

A new version of my package packagefinder is available on CRAN. It has a lot of new features and comes with a YouTube tutorial . What is packagefinder? How does it benefit me? Currently, there are more than 14,000 R package contributions on CRAN providing R with an unparalleled wealth of features. The downside of the large and increasing amount of packages is that it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right tools to tackle a specific problem. Unfortunately, CRAN does not provide any good search functionality. packagefinder is designed to search for CRAN packages right from the R console. The philosophy behind this package is that R users like using the R console and need a tool to do their day-to-day-work on CRAN without leaving their normal workspace, the console. In fact, the idea is that with packagefinder you do not need to leave the R console to work with CRAN effectively. packagefinder is developed to save you time and energy finding the right packages to wor